Policies and Procedures


The Parish Council maintains a set of policy, procedure and reporting documents to help it carry out its duties effectively and to comply with regulations. These documents are in PDF but if you wish to view any document in a different format please contact the Clerk.

Standing Orders (updated 04.05.2021)
Financial Regulations (updated 29.03.2021)

Code of Conduct (updated 09.11.20)

Complaints Policy (revised 11.01.21)
Equality Policy (revised 09.11.20)
Freedom of Information Scheme (revised 11.01.21)
Training Policy  (updated 11.1.21)

Lone Worker Policy (revised 14.12.2020)

Action Plan 2020 (revised 09.11.20)

Memorial Benches  (updated 04.05.2021)

Record Management  (updated 11.01.21)

Appendix A

Appendix B

Risk Assessment (updated 21.06.21)

Asset Register 2022 (updated 23.05.22)

Playground Policy (updated 11.01.21)

Bullying and Harassment policy (revised 09.11.20)

Co-Option Policy (updated 04.05.2021)

Planning Policy (updated 16.12.2020)

General Data Protection Policy (revised 12.10.20)

General Reserves Policy (revised 18.10.21)

Grant Awarding Policy (revised 17.04.18)

A guide for the public for speaking at a meeting

Social Media Policy

Insurance policy BHIB (June 2021-May 2022)

The Accounts can be found on the Finance page


Councillor register of interests can be found via West Norfolk Borough Council website.

Link is on the Councillors page.