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Meeting Dates 2022:

Monday 12th September (St Clements Church) 6.30pm

Monday 17th October

Monday 28th November


A pubic map has been created for members of the public to see where planning applications are in the parish, to see whether they are awaiting decisions, permitted or refused applications. 

When entering the public map locate the house colour, click on the house and select planning application.  It shoudl give all the details and link to the Borough Council planning application page.  This is a work in progress so any comments please let the Clerk now.


77 Acres and Half Acre Island - Overy Marsh

The ICO (Information Commissioners Office) has given their Decision on the Freedom of Information request dated 1st April 2021. The Commissioner’s decision is that Burnham Overy Parish Council is entitled to rely on regulation 12(5)(b) to withhold the information, and that the balance of the public interest favours maintaining the exception. The Commissioner does not require any steps to be taken.

Freedom of Information Request dated 1st April, received 6th April:-

Further to the above I am now asking via the Freedom of Information Act for all correspondence relating to the legal advice, advice from Open Spaces Society and any others that had an input into the "Recommendation report of Burnham Overy Parish Council Advisory Group on 77 Acres and half island". This should include all correspondence between the Council and its representatives and Holkham Estate. I wish to know the full voting procedure and numbers involved in making the decision to accept the Report.

Response sent by the Parish Council on Tuesday 4th May 2021:

We note the freedom of information request sent after close of business on 1st April 2021.  The due date for a response is 5 May 2021, being 20 business days after 6th April, the business day of receipt.  We have decided to reply in advance of this date.

We have conducted the required research.  We have found no correspondence that we have a duty to disclose under the legislation.

Please note that further email correspondence (if any) on this matter or related matters, must be sent to and will not otherwise be acknowledged.  

Advisory Group Recommendation Report 

The Parish Council have considered the question of the ownership of Overy Marsh and half acre island.  After very careful consideration the Parish Council will not challenge the registration because it is not in the best interests of the community or in the public benefit.   The Recommendation Report from Advisory Group explains the background.  A letter to all parishioners will be delivered.

Harbour Warden

Burnham Overy Harbour Trust are delighted to announce the appointment of John Thompson to the position of Harbour Warden.  John will be well known to may in the village.  He is passionate about Overy and will be very visible in the harbour over the summer as he will split his time between this new role and running his own ferry business.  John is a qualified boatman and a CL65 right-holder.  John's priorities will be to restart sales of boat-launching licenses, manage the influx of visitors to the Hard and the creeks and start to tidy up the harbour.  The Harbour Trust askes for everyone to give John your full support please as we all endeavour to make the harbour a safer, happier and better-organised place.

Burnham Overy Parish Speed and Parking Survey 2020

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on speed reductions and parking.  There was a considerable response to this survey.  The results are as follows:-  

79% were in favour of a reduction of speed from a 30mph to a 20mph on the A149 through Burnham Overy Staithe.

84% were in favour of a reduction of speed from 40mph to a 30mph on the B1155 in Burnham Overy Town.

Survey Results


Burnham Bulletin 


The Burnham Bulletin has lots of interesting village information. Please email the Overy Bulletin to subscribe. 

Subscribe to the Overy Bulletin


The local planning authority is Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council. All planning applications can be viewed and commented on via their website.  The Parish Council receives a copy of the plans 3 weeks before the closing date for comments.​ 



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Tennis courts and Playground


The Tennis courts reopened on 29th March to members only until the situation opens up further. View this document for how to become a member.

The playground is open.  Please follow the Covid rules.


The playing field remains open for exercise and dog walking with dogs on a lead.  The playing fields are leased and managed by the Parish Council.  

Draft Fairways Policy

The Parish Council has received a draft Fairways Policy from Holkham Estate.  The Parish Council have supported the policy.  Obviously, if parishioners would like to make any specific comments regarding this policy please do not hesitate to email the Clerk on

Draft Fairways Policy 3rd version



The Parish Council have created a survey to assist in understanding the make-up, needs and priorities of our community.  


There was a very good response to the Survey.  The results are as follows:-


Summary of Village Survey 2019 Data

Charts and Comments

If anybody would like to see the Raw Data please do get in touch with the Clerk for this information.


Norfolk County Council is responsible for roads and footpaths.  If you notice any potholes or other issues, please let the clerk know so it can be reported.  The Highways Rangers visit the Parish regularly to carry out repairs.