Meeting Thursday 18th August 2022 5.30pm in St Clements Church, Burnham Overy Town.

Agenda for 18th August | Draft Minutes of 20th July

Please note no copies of the agenda or previous minutes will be available to the public at the meetings.

Agendas are placed on the website 3 clear days before the meeting (not including Sunday)

Old Documents:

Agenda 20th July 2022 | Draft Minutes 4th July 2022 |

Agenda 4th July 2022 | Draft Minutes 15th June 2022 | Clerks Report | Bank Reconciliation May 2022


Agenda 15th June 2022 | Draft Minutes 23rd May 2022

Annual Parish Meeting 6 pm

Agenda | Draft Minutes 4th May 2021

Annual Parish Council Meeting 6.15 pm

Agenda | Draft Minutes from 11th May | Clerks Report | Internal Auditor Report | Bank Reconciliation March | Bank Reconciliation April 

Agenda 11th May| Draft Minutes of the meeting on 11th April 2022

Agenda 11th April 2022 | Draft Minutes of 28th February 2022 | Clerks Report | Bank Reconciliation February | Cash Book February


Agenda 28th February 2022 | Draft Minutes of 17th January 2022 | Clerks Report | Bank Reconciliation January 2022 | Cash Book | Play inspection Annual Report | 

Agenda 17th January 22 | Draft Minutes 6th December | Clerks Report | Bank Reconciliation December| Financial Statement December | Terms of Reference for Working Party |

Agenda 6th December | Draft Minutes of 18th October | Clerks Report | Bank Reconciliation October | Financial Statement October | Bank Reconciliation November | Financial Statement November | Budget | CIL grant Poster | 2022 Meeting dates |


Agenda 18th October | Draft Minutes of 20th September | Clerks Report | Bank Reconciliation September | Financial Statement September | Correspondence List | Draft Budget | General Reserves Policy | Draft Public Order Consultation |


Agenda for 20th September 2021

Agenda 6th September | Draft Minutes from 26th July | Clerks Report | Bank Reconciliation July | Bank Reconciliation August | Financial Statement July | Financial Statement August | Lease for Playing Field | Lease for Allotments | Gambling Act consultation | Jubilee Bench Quote | Correspondence List |

Agenda 26th July 2021 | Draft Minutes of 20th July 2021 | Bank Reconciliation | Financial Statement | Clerks Report |Contract for Phone Box | Asset List | Correspondence List


Agenda 20th July 2021

AGENDA | Draft Minutes 4th May 2021 | Clerks Report | Correspondence List | Risk Assessment |

Finance Bank Reconciliation May 2021 | Financial Statement May 2021 | Standing orders/direct debits List


Advisory Group Recommendation Report  | Letter to Parishioners


AGENDA Annual Parish Meeting 4th May 2021| Draft Minutes from 14th May 2019 | Reports from 14th May 2019

AGENDA Annual Parish Council Meeting 4th May 2021 | Draft Minutes of 19th April 2021 | Clerks Report | Memorial Policy | Standing Orders Policy | Co-Option Policy | Correspondence list |

FINANCES Bank Reconciliation March 2021 | Financial Statement March 2021 | Internal Auditor Report 

Annual Governance and Accountability Return

AGENDA 19th April 2021 | draft Minutes 29th March 2021

AGENDA 29th March 2021|Clerks report | Email from Environment Agency | Draft Financial Regulations | Correspondence list  | Draft Minutes from 22nd February 2021 | Quotes for Tree work

Finances Bank Reconciliation | Finances for February  

AGENDA 22nd February 2021 | Draft Minutes of 8th February 2021

AGENDA 8th February 2021 | Information Pack for the Public | Correspondence List | Finances | Draft Minutes of the meeting 11th January 2021

Agenda 11th January 2021 | Policies for Review:  Training  Freedom of Information  Playground Inspections  Records of Documents Appendix 1 Appendix 2  Complaints | Finances | Correspondence List | Draft Minutes 11 January 2021


Regulations under the Coronavirus Act 2020 enables all local authority meetings before 7 May 2021 to be held remotely and removes the requirement for the annual meeting this year. It also postpones until 6 May 2021 local by-elections and other polls, either scheduled or which would otherwise arise before that date. It also states within the Act that the current Chair remains until May 2021.

Meetings have now been changed to six weekly.  The following meeting dates for 2022 are :- 

Monday 17th January

Monday 28th February

Monday 11th April  (in the Church)


Monday 4th July  (in the church)

Monday 12th September (in the Church)

Monday 17th October

Monday 28th November

Minutes of 2022

Minutes are sent to the Parish Councillors after each meeting. They are also posted on the website and on the parish notice boards. Click on the links to see the minutes.  Please note these are draft minutes until they are confirmed by the next full council meeting and signed by the chairman.  Earlier minutes can be found under the tab Old Minutes.

Draft Minutes 20th July 2022

Minutes 4th July 2022

Minutes of the Extra Planning Meeting 15th June 2022

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting 23rd May 2022

Draft Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 23rd May 2022 | Tennis Club Minutes | Vicars Report | Village Hall Report

Minutes 11th May 2022

Minutes 11th April 2022

Minutes 28th February 2022

Minutes 17th January 2022

Notes for the public attending Parish Council Meetings:


Burnham Overy Parish Council welcomes the public to its meetings. In fact by law members of the public must be admitted to all meetings of the full council and its committees. However, the law does not allow members of the public to take part in the debates.


This council, like many other parish and town councils in England and Wales, gives members of the public an opportunity to speak at a point during the meeting as shown on the agenda and determined by the Chair. We do this by temporarily adjourning the meeting and this allows the public as well as our District and County Councillors an opportunity to speak.


Please study the agenda so that when the opportunity occurs you can make the best use of your time. If you wish to raise a point which does not relate to an item on that evening’s agenda you are free to do so. However, the council’s discussion of the point might have to be delayed until a subsequent meeting as the council is unable to make a decision binding in law (this is particularly relevant to financial decisions) unless a specific item is included on the agenda.


Members of the council are always willing to discuss topics put forward by the public.


Our agenda is prepared about a fortnight before each council meeting. The council is required by law to make its agenda available at least three clear days before each meeting, these days do not include the day of issue or the day of the meeting.


We hope that you will find the meeting useful and if you have any queries please consult the Clerk.  

A guide for the public attending and speaking at meetings

All meetings are 6.30pm on Zoom but when possible will resume in the Village Hall. Planning applications are available to view  on the Borough Council website. 


Extra planning meetings will be held if planning applications fall between regular meetings.

It will then be discussed at the Meeting on 26th July when the next meetings will be scheduled.